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Viral by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD

Control Their Phone AND Their MINDS!!!

VIRAL // A gimmick that allows you to turn a borrowed cellphone on by itself, Imagine you walk up to a spectator and ask them if they have and you can borrow there cellphone, then you ask them to turn it OFF, (IT IS TOTALY OFF) you then put the cellphone on your PALM,TABLE,OR JUST BY HOLDING IT and on your command you then can TURN THE CELLPHONE ON BY ITSELF.



HANGED // control the system of a cellphone and put it on hanged, you borrow a cellphone and ask your spectator to swipe on the apps, then with a shake or wave you can turn the cellphone hanging and unusable you shake it again and turn usable.

NOTE: HANGED effect is not usable on i-phone, best on SONY, SAMSUNG and some other brand,

APPS PREDICTION // You borrow a cellphone and you hold the cellphone upside down, you ask your spectator to swipe on the apps and point one, without looking you can predict what app they point in to.

VOLUME // You borrow a cellphone put it on a table and on that moment just by touching the screen you can take the volume low or high.

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